Retreat and Renaissance 2013

9 Days of Bliss in Tuscany
Amazing Italy! Welcome Dinner, and our journey begins... After our Welcome Dinner, everyone is satisfied and happy! Our bus :).
Just arrived, and happy to be here! Serious Tuscany. Our farmhouse. Ready for dinner at our farmhouse.
So happy on our farm, especially at dinner time! Lovely pasture. Rainbow on our farm. Our friend on the farm...
More farmhouse friends! Farmhouse art... This way to the sea, but watch out for cows! Our farmhouse friends having breakfast with us.
Getting our daily yoga on!  What a view... Bliss! Joy on the wild shores of La Maremma in Tuscany! Ciao America!
The wild Tuscan coast... Driftwood shelters on our beach! Ready to move in... My favorite farmhouse dog, Pongo!
A delightful way to spend an afternoon. Saturnia Hot Springs, good for the body and soul! Enjoying the hot springs! Soaking our cares away...
Enjoying the therapeutic waters. Soaking up the sun! Beautiful Saturnia. Making the mozzarella!
On a mozzarella mission! Siena was one of our favorites! On tour in Siena. Hanging on our Siena guides every word...
Beautiful Siena. Nice shot of the Siena clock tower. Good food and friends in Siena. Nomnomnomnomnom!
We got to see the floor of the Siena Cathedral, only visible once a year! We really need to have more fun! Siena, absolutely breathtaking! Off on another adventure!
Our driver joining in the fun! Looks like the cows want to ride along. A hidden gem in Tuscany, The Tarot Garden is just magical! Entering another world...
Hamming it up in The Tarot Garden! The moon. More Tarot Garden magic! More Tarot Garden delight!
Speechless. King of the castle! Does my shirt clash with the sculpture? Slaying dragons...
Everyone concentrating on learning how to make the tortelli! Making it is fun, eating it even more! Results of our efforts, molto delicioso! Fearless adventurers!
Florence has stood the test of time, and don't miss the street sign "tagged" by a famous graffitti artist. Santa Maria Novella. Roses bloom in Tuscany... A pharmacy and another street sign.
Florence's skinniest door! A serious looking door! Art is everywhere in Florence! The David.
Beauty in every detail. Unbelievable detailing on the buildings in Florence, you will have to take a tour to find out how they did it! Homemade pasta for lunch in our Florence apartment, getting ready for adventure! There are many lion heads in Florence, it is their symbol.
Strategic lookout. Amazing. Airport art in Florence. The Duomo!
The beautiful Duomo! Don't forget to look up! Very mysterious staircase... Reach for the sky!
An impromptu art exhibit we stumbled across in Florence! These are all over Florence. Sculptures everywhere! Art in Life, in Florence, indeed!
Hoping for blessings from above... Even the sinks are artsy in Florence! A rainy day in Florence. So much to look at...
That looks heavy... Affordable fixer upper in Tuscany. Beautiful Florence. Leonardo da Vinci exhibit, one of Florence's favorite sons.
Ever feel like you are being watched? Rolling Tuscan Hills in the distance... Our "Taste Florence" guide getting ready... Singing Italian songs with our lovely guide!
Ready to taste Florence! The start of our tasting tour in Florence.  Chocolate for breakfast?  Why not? Tasting Florence and it tastes great! Florence market, anything you want!
Porcini mushrooms with a smile. One of each? Homemade jams and cheeses! Fresh Porcinis!
Vegetarian delight! Tasting the balsamic, what an education! A hearty Tuscan stew! Beautiful AND scrumptious!
So many pastries, so little time! Yummo! More pasta?  Why not? Making friends.
Touch his snout, and you must return to Florence...well, OK! Traveling in style! Happy Travelers! With some friends in Roma pre-adventure.
Ahhh Roma! I almost hit a person when throwing my coin in the Trevi Fountain.  Try not to do that when in Rome... Fearlessly exploring medieval cities... Our yoga teacher's surrogate Italian grandbaby!
We never get tired of the architecture in Rome. Immortalized in marble... Drinking water with the angels. Ancient building, still used today.
"Let angels guide thee on thy lofty quest." My new apartment...I wish! New friends. Eataly in Rome!
Petting Italian dogs as much as possible, this one was allowed in the restaurant! The beautiful Arno River! Where does this lead?  Let's find out! Formidable!
Almost too frightening to drink out of... Awesome window dressing. I tiramisu, do you? Made fresh everyday...
Fresh fig pie, our favorite! Handcrafted artisanal chocolates are good for you! Homemade manicotti! Fresh pasta!
With new friends in Firenze, 3 generations! Feeding the pigeons in Roma. Our new car! What shall we have?
Seems like we spent a lot of time eating! More gelato?  Of course! Our farewell dinner, memories cherished forever!